The Dawson Approach to Dental Care

Thursday April 26, 2012 by
Melissa Brown, DDS

After graduating from dental school, Dr. Brown studied with The Dawson Academy. The Dawson Academy is a postgraduate program that approximately only 10% of dentists in the U.S. have completed. The training attained through this program guides dentists in a concept of complete dental therapy. The Dawson method of dentistry aims at treating each patient in an individualized, comprehensive care approach. This care begins with prevention and early intervention of dental therapies.

Comprehensive dentistry begins by considering all parts of the orofacial region as they function and relate to one another. This not only considers teeth, but also joints, muscles and other anatomical and physiological structures. 10 separate functions are examined in the comprehensive Dawson approach, so that patient concerns can be addressed appropriately relative to their individual needs. This becomes evident at your visit to Murray Hill Dental because our examinations are more comprehensive and longer than traditional dental examinations. Dentists trained in the Dawson approach never hurry over their patient’s dental examinations, or over diagnose treatment. If there is one thing that is common to hear, it is a patient complaining of dental treatment from a prior dentist, that they felt they never even needed in the first place.

Dr. Brown uses the Dawson approach in her treatment planning. Each patient helps to co-diagnose their dental treatment needs, and is well informed of their dental conditions. Every patient should understand what dental problems they may have, and which ones to prioritize. Completing dental treatment in the accurate order can help a patient to have a healthier, more functional smile. Careful attention is given to how each condition relates to others in the mouth, and how they influence each other.

Many dental conditions are diagnosed after the patient has had an onset of pain and discomfort. Comprehensive analysis using the Dawson method can allow dentists to detect and prevent painful conditions before they would normally occur. This helps to promote more consistent, predictable dental care. Dawson dentists like Dr. Brown use the WIDIOM rule: “Would I do it on me?” Each therapy and diagnosis Dr. Brown uses would be the one that she would use on herself or another family member. This helps each Murray Hill Family Dental patient to have the most comfortable, well-maintained, natural smile. Dr. Brown’s ultimate goal is to use the highest ethical and professional levels of dental treatment for every patient.

Not only do Dawson Academy trained dentists offer exceptional dental care, they are also one of the highest trained dental professionals in the analysis of TMJ disorders. They are truly physicians of the masticatory system. When it comes to occlusion (how the teeth bite together) and neuromuscular systems, Dawson dentists are one of the go-to professionals that offer comprehensive therapy for TMJ disorders.

While all dentists and dental practitioners are required to complete annual continuing dental education, Dawson dentists are known for their constant education on the latest knowledge and methods of dental care. Practitioners like Dr. Brown can apply these new principles because of the extensive research and results of the instructors through these programs.

If you are looking for a dentist that offers a holistic, comprehensive approach when it comes to your dental care, Dr. Brown is eager to provide care to you and your family. We aren’t just concerned with your teeth, but the entire body as it’s specialized systems work together for daily function. So many factors including systemic health conditions can effect your oral health, and we understand this and are prepared to work alongside of you to provide the care that you want and deserve.