Calming Fears and Treating Patients Right in the Dental World

Wednesday December 26, 2012 by
Melissa Brown, DDS

Why is it that anyone that goes to a dentist is so frightened? Many people will avoid going to the dentist for as long as possible. Is it the smell of the dentist’s office or the sound of the drill? Is it just sitting in the dental chair? Well, fortunately, it’s not like that today, especially in our Galloway dentist office, here at Murray Hill Dental. Dr. Melissa Brown knows that people are sometimes afraid and will work to make every patient feel as comfortable as he/she possibly can. Once our patients get to know Dr. Brown, they’ll learn to trust that she will make every visit comfortable and pleasant.

Dr. Brown will spend more time with the patients that are nervous and explain things to them to get them to relax a bit. She will show the patient that there is music they can listen to while the dental team works on them. With all the sedation dentistry techniques in order to make the patient relaxed and feeling good.

If you are a person that needs work done on their teeth but are too embarrassed to go because you are too nervous, just let us know. We’ll talk things through with you to help you understand our approach and track record. You are certainly not alone, as many people have this problem when going to a dental office. If you get too nervous during the visit, you can tell our team to stop at any time and we certainly will. Our patients are the ones in charge of their visit and that alone calms most patients. A dentist’s goal is always to ensure a person has a beautiful and pain-free smile. He/she will try to make every patient feel good so that if the patient sees that the dentist is not there to hurt them, it might help the patient feel better.

Talk to the dentist and let her know what it is that is most concerning to go to the dentist office and she will do her best to remedy whatever it is that is causing any sort of distress. Perhaps when the dentist looks in your mouth, she’ll see that it isn’t a complicated fix and that should ease the fear as well. Everyone needs to go to the dentist. It’s good hygiene and will give a person that pretty, pain-free smile they’ve always wanted. Dr. Brown is committed to that as well.