Importance of Adult Dental Health

Thursday January 31, 2013 by
Melissa Brown, DDS

We have been seeing a lot of local adult patients in our dentist office here at Murray Hill Dental coming from Grove City so this post is for you guys. We love this because taking care of your dental health isn’t just for kids, you should continuously be taking care of it as you get older. Proper dental health care is one of the most important things that an adult can do to improve their overall health. There have been numerous studies over the years that have shown that adults with poor dental health are at risk for a shorter life expectancy. Poor dental health and oral hygiene have been linked to many health issues. Not only will poor dental health lead to cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease, but it has also been linked to diabetes, heart disease and even respiratory diseases.

The majority of these medical issues arise from plaque and cavities. There are several steps to take that can prevent and minimize plaque and cavities. First, it is important to visit us every six months . We recommend you visit us every six months for a cleaning and examination. If you have ongoing dental issues, we may recommend more frequent visits.

There are also social aspects of proper dental health. Someone with discolored or “rotted” teeth may feel self-conscious in social settings. Also, an individual with foul smelling breath may find it difficult to carry on conversations for fear of being embarrassed. Some folks that suffer from dental issues can find it difficult or even painful to eat certain foods, which can lead to issues when having dinner with family and friends.

When plaque builds up in the mouth, a person is at a higher risk of getting a cavity. Cavities can lead to gum disease and other infections in the mouth. If not treated properly, these infections can cause irreversible damage to the teeth and cause harmful bacteria to form in the mouth. These harmful bacteria are what can do serious damage to a person’s overall health. Once in the mouth, the bacteria can spread to the throat, lungs, stomach, and blood stream. Poor dental health has even been known to have negative effects on pregnant women and their unborn children. These risks can be avoided with a few simple steps.

As mentioned before, regular adult teeth cleanings are crucial and easy to do. It is also important to floss and brush daily. Individuals who are smokers should seriously consider the negative effects that smoking has on oral health. A healthy diet also aides in maintaining healthy teeth, so sugary foods should be avoided. As always, if an individual has any issues or concerns about their dental health, they should schedule an appointment to see us immediately. As your local Grove City, OH dentist, we care deeply about your health!