5 Reasons Identafi Can Help You Avoid Oral Cancer

Tuesday November 19, 2013 by
Melissa Brown, DDS

Oral cancer screenings are an integral part of any dental exam and the key to early cancer detection. Many dentists, however, are limited in the type of screening they offer because they don’t have access to top-of-the-line technology. As a result, they only offer screenings that are performed with the naked eye. At Murray Hill Family Dental, we proudly take our oral cancer screenings one step further with the use of Identafi technology. Here’s how Identafi can benefit your oral health:

A More Thorough Examination is Obtained

Identafi is a portable tool that makes the most of the latest technology in order to give the greatest benefit to your health. The equipment consists of a handheld wand that houses three different color wavelengths of light. These variations of light make it possible to differentiate between diseased and healthy oral tissue. In addition, Identafi’s small size makes it possible to access hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. All of these features work together to improve the quality of your cancer screening.

Meaningful Requests for Biopsies Are Given

Identafi makes every visual cue clearer. As a result, biopsies are only recommended when there is a confident reason to pursue further investigation. Additionally, there are fewer false positives. This added level of confidence results in the best possible outcome for patients.

Conventional Exams Are Enhanced with Concentrated White Light

The Identafi wand emits a concentrated white light which helps us determine the next level of examination. We watch for structural irregularities versus healthy tissue properties. When further clarification is needed, we can continue to the other spectrums of light.

Suspicious Tissues Are Isolated with Violet Light

If any of the oral tissues look suspicious we switch to Identafi’s violet light. When using the violet light we wear specialized eyewear that filters the light and enhances the visual cues. Amazingly, healthy tissues will naturally fluoresce while suspicious tissues will appear dark.

Abnormal Tissues are Investigated with Amber Light

The reflective properties of healthy tissue can be heightened even further when we switch to the amber light. This makes it even easier to distinguish differences between normal and abnormal oral tissue.

The high-resolution capabilities of Identafi truly set it apart from other forms of oral cancer screenings and help our patients achieve early cancer detection. Contact us today to learn more about Identafi or to set up your next appointment. We look forward to serving you.