5 Foods and Beverages That Are Both Delicious - And Great For Your Oral Health!

Friday September 19, 2014 by
Melissa Brown, DDS

All too often, we’re told to avoid consuming things like carbs, sugar, fat, and gluten-laden items. While there are some foods that aren’t so great from a dental standpoint, we wanted to take a more enjoyable approach and focus on 5 foods and beverages that are great for your oral health.

Below we offer up some guilt-free items that, as your dental care specialist, we are A-OK with you eating and drinking:

1. Milk and Calcium-Fortified Juices
These beverages are rich in calcium, promote strong teeth and bones, and reduce the risk of tooth loss. Don’t like milk? Try adding powdered milk to recipes (like spaghetti sauce) to still get your calcium in.

2. Farm Fresh Strawberries
Any fiber-rich fruit or vegetable is going to have a positive impact on your oral health, but strawberries pack an extra punch. Loaded with Vitamin C, strawberries maintain the strength of your gums, an important component of oral health.

3. Natural Cheeses
Cheese generates saliva which is your best deterrent against cavities and gum disease. Saliva not only neutralizes acidity, but it also restores minerals to teeth. Furthermore, with cheese’s high calcium content, this dairy delight promotes strong teeth. Brie anyone?

4. Cold-Water Fish
Salmon, trout, mackerel and tuna offer plenty of Vitamin D which can cut your risk of tooth decay by as much as 50%. These fish are also rich in Omega-3s which reduce susceptibility to developing periodontitis.

5. Unsweetened Black and Green Tea
Not just for getting your serenity on, tea offers a surprising number of oral health benefits. Both black and green teas prevent bacteria from producing teeth-harming acid. Also, tea—particularly black tea—fights the bacteria that produces stinky breath, reducing halitosis.

Already making these items a regular part of your diet? Great! If you’re not, you can begin to incorporate some of these healthy items into your meals with very little effort. Try enjoying a cup of tea in the evening or adding some sliced strawberries to a bowl of cereal in the morning—your mouth will thank you for it! Schedule a checkup now.