3 Signs That You Need a Root Canal (And Why You Don't Have to Fear it)

Tuesday November 25, 2014 by
Melissa Brown, DDS

Root canal treatments may have a bad reputation, but they are an essential part of keeping your smile healthy and free of infection. How do you know if you need a root canal? Here are 3 common signs to look for:

There is an Abscess Along the Gums
Abscesses are caused by an infection inside of the nerve chamber of your tooth. Since there is nowhere for swelling to go, it drains out of the end of the root and becomes apparent as a small “pimple” on the gumlines. This swelling may come and go, but is a key sign that your tooth is no longer alive, due to severe infection.

The Tooth is Hypersensitive or Discolored
Damage to the nerve tissue inside of a tooth can cause the tooth to begin dying, making it appear grayish in color. Or, the tooth may be hypersensitive to heat and cold – something we can check for right here in our office.

A Large Cavity or Fracture is Present
If a large portion of the tooth has broken off (or destroyed from a cavity), then the inner chamber of the tooth is exposed. This allows bacteria to enter into the nerve chamber, causing the tooth to become infected and die. Removing the contaminated nerve tissue and sealing off the chamber helps preserve the tooth for several more years.

Thankfully, having your root canal procedure at Murray Hill Dental is just like having any other type of dental treatment completed. We take your comfort very seriously, and want you to feel relaxed throughout the entire process. Just sit back and let us take care of you! You’ll be happy that you did, and you’ll have a healthy tooth that can last for a lifetime. If you think you might need a root canal, call us today to find out about our gentle treatment process.