3 Fun Ways to Regulate Your Child’s Candy Consumption This Halloween

Wednesday October 23, 2013 by
Melissa Brown, DDS

If you’re like most parents, you’ve probably wondered how you can control your kids’ candy consumption this Halloween. After all, most children if left to their own devices would tear into their trick-or-treat bags and eat all of their sugary goodies that first night. Fortunately, the staff at Murray Hill Dental have some fun suggestions on how you can regulate your child’s candy consumption.

Make a Trade

One thing that parents often complain of is that their children are picky eaters. And, in many cases, if you can get a child to try just a few bites of something, they often learn that the green beans that they once turned their nose up at aren’t so bad. So, now is the time of year that we encourage parents to make trades. Suggest that each time your child tries a certain food item—whether it’s a vegetable, a fruit they’ve never had before, or mom’s meatloaf—they will earn 1-2 small pieces of candy. You both may discover that their taste buds find more foods enjoyable that you initially thought.

Snack Bank

Want your child to help out more around the house? Consider a snack bank. For each chore around the house that your child completes, offer to let them have a small piece of candy. You can get your cleaning done in less time, leaving more relaxation time for mom and dad!


There’s no law that says that your child has to eat all of the candy that they receive. Some parents have their children sort through their candy, only saving their favorites. For suggestions of what you can do with the rest, think charitably. Mom or dad can take the leftover candy into work and keep it in their office break room for snacking coworkers. Or, if you’re a churchgoer, bring the extra candy to your next coffee gathering.

While we understand that you don’t want your child to go nuts with candy, we hope that the suggestions that we’ve provided will help you moderate your kids’ intake in a fun way. And hey, we haven’t forgotten about you, mom and dad—you can introduce your child to spinach, get help setting the dinner table, and take some extra candy in to work. Sounds like a win-win solution for everyone!