3 Reasons DIAGNOdent Can Help Your Smile

Tuesday November 5, 2013 by
Melissa Brown, DDS

Now more than ever patients are caring about the health and appearance of their teeth. And maintenance is one of the most important steps in achieving that beautiful smile everyone so desires. As you may already know, dental visits provide the best option for early detection of decay in the teeth or bone but now there is a new dental technology option available to make sure nothing is over looked. Read on to learn how DIAGNOdent can provide reliable and accurate detection of decay and destruction to keep your smile looking its best.


A normal dental probe can’t fit into the narrow crevices of your teeth making it nearly impossible to detect decay in those areas. It can also be an uncomfortable process, which involves a lot of poking and probing. With DIAGNOdent, a pen like probe with a laser glides over the teeth and what is reflected back can be measured and evaluated. The decay has fluorescence characteristics and can be specifically targeted by this new technology and we are given a signal if anything has been detected or not. This results in a simple, painless procedure.


DIAGNOdent can help to detect even the smallest lesion at an early stage. Through alternative methods such as X-ray and visual exams, dental damage is often 2 years or older by the time they are detected; with DIAGNOdent we are able to detect any sort of lesion at the beginning of formation.


DIAGNOdent was found to be 90% accurate in detection of tooth caries during a recent study conducted by Dr. Lussi of Berne University, Switzerland, compared to the 57% of visual inspection and 67% of X-Ray usage. In fact, DIAGNOdent was found to be much more accurate than any other method tested.

New technologies such as this are helping to make trips to the dentist less of a scary experience and allowing prevention methods to be improved greatly. With the use of tools like DIAGNOdent not only is pain minimized but the expenses that come along with major tooth repair are as well. Of course, at home care and regular cleanings are all a part of the prevention process, but rest assured that anything beyond that can be safely put into the hands of your dentist. Call Murray Hill today to schedule your next appointment!